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Goods wholesale from Ukraine in Belgium
Delivery to Europe
of weight and branded
cereals, flakes, porridges and instant mashed soups
deliveries are carried out both from our own warehouse and from the warehouse of a Ukrainian manufacturer.
located in Belgium,
The European office is
The manufacturing company has the certified laboratory and the

The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to quickly obtain detailed and accurate results.

All incoming raw materials, ingredients, as well as finished products are tested according to safety criteria and microbiological indicators.
The Quality Management System ISO 9001 and the Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000 are implemented.

Highly qualified staff carefully checks the ready-to-eat product for compliance with all norms and standards.

The use of modern technologies for the analysis of raw materials and finished products allowed TM TEPPA to receive the following certificates: Organic Standard, Halal Certificate, and FDA Certificate.
Quality Control Department.
Delivery 5-20 tons
Delivery from 10 kilo
Online-retail sales
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+32 486 40 44 64
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